How To Cheat At Board Games?

How To Cheat At Board Games?

How important is winning at board games? Are you ready to cheat to be the first to finish?

Actually, I always assume that the others also play fair and do not cheat, and yet you hear about it again and again. That’s why I want to write about cheating on board games today and think about why people actually cheat and how it happens.

In addition, I describe of course my opinion and my experiences and would be glad if you do the same in the comments.

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How To Cheat At Board Games?

Again and again you hear about being cheated to win. This is often the case in many sports, for example, when doping sinners come to light.

But even in board games that does not seem to be a rarity. that was cheated in the Bridge World Cup and one reads the case of a Scrabble expert, who is said to have cheated too.

And also in board game circles there are always examples where players cheat more or less strongly. But why is that so? After all, it is a hobby, which is mainly for fun.

Win at any price ?!

There are just people for whom winning is the be- all and end all. You can fix that in the different board game types that I described in my article.

There are, according to some scientific models such as the Achiever and killer, which is primarily about winning. There is nothing wrong with that at first, but some people really only have fun when they win. And then maybe that person is more prone to cheating to reach their destination.

Therefore, one teaches his children early on to be able to lose. Those who have not learned this and are not well with defeats, probably more likely to fraud.

In contrast, the Explorer and Socializer player types are more interested in playing the game and enjoying the time. They are more about the fun of playing, less about winning, even if you still play it anyway.

I can well imagine that such types of players simply have less or no urge to cheat, since victory is not so important to them.

Tempt board games tempt you to cheat?

Of course it depends on the board game. Some board games tempt you to cheat than others.

For example, it is more difficult to cheat when all information is exposed and each player knows all the information from the others. This also makes it easier to check if everything is working correctly.

In contrast, board games with secret information are more susceptible to fraud. With Roll for the Galaxy, we roll the dice behind our screen and nothing talks against turning the dice the way we want it. Other games bring a covert card hand or the like and are therefore also manipulable to some extent.

Often it is rather trifles that are cheated. Dice are misinformed, one more resource taken, no money spent on an action, or looked at the cards. Also, catching up on an action that you have forgotten is not really allowed. All of these things can be taken care of by mistake, but some people are aware of that and that’s cheating.

But does that end up with something? You win the game, but you know that you only made it through fraud. Can that make you happy? Many a lot, but luckily most of them are honest.

By the way, there are some games that live on cheating. Mogel Moth, for example, or Deduction games, where cheating / deceit is part of the game. If you really want to cheat, you should play such games.

Why I would never cheat

I have been playing board games for many years now and one of the main reasons for that was that I was looking for a counterbalance to the strenuous work. In board games, I found something that is fun without a computer and I can also spend the evening with other nice people.

The fun of the game is the most important to me. Of course I want to win, otherwise I would not need to play, but in the end I really do not care. Main thing, I had fun during the game. That’s why cheating is not an issue for me. It may be that I have unconsciously played something wrong, which then has become my advantage, but I deliberately do not cheat. A victory would not make me any friends, if I had obtained this by fraud.

Luckily, I have not had any experience with a cheater at the game table myself. I think I would not want to play with this person anymore because somehow you would not be able to get rid of the suspicion. Also, our hobby settings would not be compatible with board games and generally with life. Whoever cheats in order to win board games, probably does not take it so seriously in other areas of life with the honesty.

Cheating to win?

How do you see this topic? Is it a problem at all or is it so rare that it is not worth mentioning?

Have you ever had experience with cheating on the gaming table? Or do you yourself belong to those who cheat now and then?

I am looking forward to your feedback and your opinion.

Top 10 solo board games

Top 10 solo board games

Although I have 2 weekly players and also in the family we play board games regularly, but still there is not always a teammate. That’s why I started playing solo board games quite a while ago.

Meanwhile, there are so many good solo variations or even pure solo games that this is no longer a stopgap for me, but an important part of my hobby.

Playing solo is now also normal, interesting and entertaining for many board players. That’s why in this article I introduce current top 10 solo board games.

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I look forward to your feedback.

Playing alone is fun!

Solo board games have become increasingly popular in recent years. Many board game Kickstarter are now already considered with criticism, if it is not provided in a solo variant. But also normal retail games of major publishers now bring more and more solo variants with.

The solo mode is sometimes better and sometimes worse implemented. You can already tell if it’s just a stopgap solution that was added at short notice, or if someone has really thought about it.

My top 10 list includes my favorite solo board games. These are above all multi-person games, which possess a very good solo variant. Of course, cooperative board games are also ideal for playing them alone, but there will surely be a top list for that.

top 10 solo board games

And now to my top 10. I would be very happy about your feedback.

1. Viticulture Essential Edition

Viticulture Essential Edition

The content is about wine. You run your own winery and you have to expand it, planting wines, harvesting and, of course, making wine.

The Essential Edition also includes some interesting add-on modules and although you can play the game with up to 6 players, the solo version is also a lot of fun for me.

There are several reasons. So there is a nice campaign in solo mode, which offers a lot of variety. Different levels of difficulty also increase the replay ability.

In addition, little effort is needed to play solo. The automa cards for the “virtual” opponent are kept very simple, unlike eg Gaia Project . In addition, one does exactly the same thing as in the multi-person game, which I think is also very good. I do not like solos that work much different than the normal game.

Last but not least, I like the theme and features of the Viticulture Essential Edition , so I like to play it solo. My number 1 currently.

All the more I am pleased that for September and December 2018, the complete extension Tuscany Essential Edition and the new extension visit from the Rheingau are announced.

2. Nemo’s War: 2nd Edition

Nemo's War: 2nd Edition

2nd place in my Top 10 is currently ranked Nemo’s War: 2nd Edition of Victory Point Games . Apart from the fact that the equipment of the game is great, I personally like the story-driven approach.

It’s basically a solo board game that has a multiplayer mode set up. This is rather rare and so it makes me solo a lot more fun.

We are navigating the oceans with the Nautilus and have to achieve variable goals. That makes the individual games very different. In addition, we experience different events and meet different opponents. This ensures that the games are unique.

Every game creates a great story, I think. That’s a big attraction of the game. In addition, the rules are quickly internalized, so that it then plays very smoothly with the exemplary rule aids on the game board.

A sumptuous game that recently featured a mini-expansion on Kickstarter . I’m definitely looking forward to diving again.

3. Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars

Mars is to be colonized in Terraforming Mars .

To do this, players need to develop technology and increase the oxygen content of the air, increase temperature, and provide enough water on Mars.

Terraforming Mars brings a nice board, but basically it’s a card game. We draw cards and try to pay the necessary costs and if necessary meet the requirements. But then we benefit from it.

In this way, the surface of Mars develops, creating cities and forests.

A great game, which is very thematic and hits a nerve with me. Space and Co. I like in general very much and there the game fits perfectly pure.

Solo mode is challenging and challenging. I enjoy it a lot.

4. Nusfjord


Nusfjord is certainly not a revolution in board games. Uwe Rosenberg brings together many well-known mechanisms here.

Nevertheless, the overall product looks very round and it is one of my highlights of last year.

In Nusfjord we run a fishing company in Norway and we try to increase our catch quantity, build buildings and earn money.

The worker placement mechanism is particularly demanding here, as you have relatively few rounds and since only 3 workers can use. But through buildings and elders you can sometimes use multiple actions.

In the solo game, almost nothing changes the rules. I find it very elegant that you yourself are your own opponent. Fields used in the previous round are blocked this round.

All in all, the game was a bit under the radar, but I think it’s really good on a solo as well.

5. Imperial Settlers

Imperial Settlers

Imperial Settlers is one of my favorite games. Not for nothing do I have it in my top 5 ‘2 person games’ .

But even alone, the game makes a very good figure. You play here against a virtual opponent who can be very nasty.

You have to build buildings in this game, which bring a revenue, with the help of which you can build again. The enemy can destroy their own buildings.

The different peoples are quite varied and the solo mode works very well and fluently. That’s why it’s number 5 in my list here.

6. Le Havre

Le Havre

Also in Le Havre it comes to build buildings. But they are only means to an end.

Although they bring victory points, but above all, it is about producing goods and further refine. The more you bring to the ship when loading.

I really like the game board itself and the round mechanics. Due to the very many buildings and their variable display you have a lot of variety while playing.

In solo mode, Le Havre runs very round, because you only have to know relatively few rule changes here. A classic of the board game world and definitely worth a look for solo players.

7. Firefly: The Game

Firefly: The Game

Firefly: The Game lives up to the story based on the cult series .

We travel in space and fly from star system to star system. There we can take orders and do them, but also expand the crew and upgrade the ship.

Special events, contraband, scarce fuel, patrols, Reaver attacks and so on make the game exciting. In addition, comes through the many characters and other things from the series a great Firefly feeling.

Of course, Solo is less active on the game board, but that does not spoil the gameplay. I always like to break open with my spaceship and experience adventures.

The extensions are unfortunately not all. The previous ones expand the game but very well.

8. The Lost Expedition

The Lost Expedition

In The Lost Expedition we are looking for El Dorado, the golden city.

In the footsteps of the well-known, but lost adventurer Percy Fawcett we push into the jungle and have to face dangers again and again. These are mastered with special skills and skill.

Still, many decisions are more likely to be bad or worse. But that also makes the appeal of the game, as you can feel the great challenge in the jungle very well.

You also have to praise the design, which is really great. Here comes up with more adventurous feeling.

For solo players, The Lost Expedition is definitely worth a look.

9. Tiny dungeon

Tiny dungeon

Going down alone in a dungeon can be very entertaining. Tiny dungeon proves that impressively.

In various roles (Mage, Warrior, Rogue …) we fight through different levels and have to win against monsters. At the same time, we need to be better equipped to have more cubes available.

These are used in certain samples and therefore it is important that you specialize. Nevertheless, the chance factor is quite high, but that is also part of the constantly different challenge.

It depends, among other things on the speed, in which one goes through the dungeon. Not too much drifting skirmish, but also enough gear to give you a chance at all.

I have only played it solo so far and I like it very much. But for two, it can be interesting in any case.

10. At the gates of Loyang


My top 10 solo board game completes a not so well-known game.

In front of the gates of Loyang, we operate as a farmer and must bring plants to fields. In the following rounds we then harvest and the products are for sale to customers. However, these have certain requirements that we have to meet.

This brings points that bring us further and further along the way. The ascent mechanism is very interesting as it keeps getting more and more expensive to keep going.

The solo mode works very well and the game is pleasantly challenging and yet quite easy to understand. I met quite late at the gates of Loyang and especially the game makes it a lot of fun.

There are many more good solo board games

As you can see, there is no pure solo board game in my Top 10 list, but Nemo’s War is actually a solo board game in itself. Although there are already a few solo games more than before, but mostly there are multi-person games that have a solo mode integrated.

Be it an automa deck or clever mechanisms, many games offer great solo variations, but of course not all.

In addition to the 10 games mentioned, there are of course many more games that work very well on their own. For example, the pure solo board game Friday , which could fascinate me but not so long.

Gaia Project builds on the strengths of its predecessor Terra Mystica, but brings a slightly more elaborate Automa deck.

Arkham Horror: The card game is just like his predecessor in the spirit The Lord of the Rings – The card game to play solo. I also really liked both basic boxes, but I just want to play a lot of other games, so I’m not prepared to spend money every month for a small or big expansion.

Scythe also has an automa, but I have not played that much yet. Otherwise the game might have made it into my top 10. But what is not, can still become. The same applies to Mage Knight , which is praised by many especially for the solo game. It’s also a great game, but I have not been able to play that alone so often. I’m waiting for autumn and winter to catch up.

Last but not least a special recommendation. Marquis is a print and play game with relatively few components. The design is great and I really like the game as a solo experience.


Playing board games alone is now commonplace and more and more games have great solo modes. I am constantly learning new things, so that my Top 10 will surely get an update. So I’m just a bit more in the field of war games, which has always been synonymous to many solo games or variants.

Which solo board games can you recommend and why?

The 10 best travel games

The 10 best travel games

Currently not only holidays for most students, but it is still holiday time. Many families and friends travel, but do not want to go without the game on the way.

That’s why I present below my 10 best travel games. Including small board games, but also card games.

What is most important to me in travel games?

Before I get to my top list, I would like to go into what I want to do, because basically you could take any game with you on vacation. However, there are usually some restrictions, such as the space in the suitcase , especially if you are traveling by plane. But even when driving in the car, the available space is certainly one of the main criteria.

But also locally on vacation, the space is usually limited. A large gaming table, as in the living room, most do not have in the hotel or the pension. Of course, that also has an influence on the selection of board games and card games that you can take with you.

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In addition, you do not want to play the whole day on vacation, no matter whether you drive in the sunny south or in snow-white mountains. Instead, it’s more about bringing the evening to a close with a game or spend the lunch time meaningful. Big strategy cracker with 3 or 4 hours playing time are also not ideal here.

As a rule, the space and the available time are the main criteria for choosing the right travel games.

An exception is the board game holiday, where you are traveling with family and / or the playgroup to play above all else. Since you have certainly chosen the right accommodation, you can take your favorite games and play there.

The 10 best travel games while traveling

Under these restrictions, we also “suffer” from the selection of board games and card games that we take on vacation. Nothing is terraforming Mars or train by train . Instead, we have a selection of smaller games that are relatively easy to play, do not take up much space, and do not take that much time.

10. Roll for it!

Roll for it

A space-saving game is definitely Roll for it! , There is only one English version, but it is language independent. It’s about getting matching dice results to get cards.

The game is played fast and always fun, so just the right travel game for the holiday.

9. Splendor

Splendor board game

Splendor of the Space Cowboys is a simple, but almost addictive game where you buy “gems” cards that then provide you with permanent gem resources.

Very simple rules and yet always a challenge, just three or four. And I think the gemstone chips just great. In addition to the 2017 SPIEL an expansion for it appear. I’m looking forward to that.

8. Qwixx


Another dice game. Qwixx is one of the most successful representatives of the genre. This is about ticking as many numbers in four colored rows, but again and again you have to make hard decisions if the dice are not as desired.

Is suitable due to the almost non-existent space requirements ideal for traveling. We only played it again on the train and the tables are not really big.

7. Medici – The Card Game


With Medici – The Card Game is also a Kickstarter among my travel tips. It is a set collection game, but has interesting strategies.

It is the English version, but the cards are completely textless. I am happy to have baked it and sure it will be available in the future also commercially in the perspective.

6. King of Tokyo

Finally a real board game! King of Tokyo has a game board, but a very small one, and the dice usually end up in the cover of the game anyway.

As a result, it takes up little space and is also ideal for the holidays, especially since my little daughter finds the game great.

5. Again!

Roll and Write games are very popular, which is certainly because they do not take up much space, are easy to explain and play fast.

Once again! belongs to this category, but has some interesting features and can be played by 1 to 6 players. We roll the dice and have to tick certain color areas and columns completely. Perfect for traveling.

4. Kingdomino


The package of Kingdomino is not really big, but you need quite a bit of space on the table for this tile laying game.

Especially when 4 players join or you use the big two-player variant, it is still somewhat space-demanding. Nevertheless, we will take this game on our next vacation as it is easy, fast and challenging.

3. Honshu


Honshu has surprised us the most recently. In a combination of sting game and placement game we build cities in feudal Japan.

A few additional interesting resource mechanisms make this little game really worthwhile.

2. For Sale

for sale board game

Relatively new to my collection is For Sale . On the one hand, this is about buying real estate and then selling it as profitably as possible.

The illustrations are very beautiful, the rules light and yet tricky. In addition, the game does not need much space and is played in less than 30 minutes. That’s how travel games have to be. The classic from 1997 has recently been released in German.

1. Patchwork


Patchwork is already one of the best two-player games out there. It is a simple principle, but also quickly understood and played.

We try to sew patches on our blanket and leave as many vacancies as possible, because there are minus points. The display of the patches needs some space, but otherwise it is a great game for 2, where children have a lot of fun.

What are your favorite travel games?

I would appreciate your travel recommendations. Which card or board games do you take with you on vacation?

The 10 Best Family Board Games

The 10 Best Family Board Games

I remember when I played board games with my parents when I was a kid. Today I play family games regularly with my family.

Below I list my top 10 best family board games . These games are always on the table and are part of every board game collection.

Among others, family games such as Festival of Lights , Ticket to Ride: Europe and the family game version of Agricola are featured.

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The best family games

Of course, this top list is just as subjective as the other lists here in the blog. The following board games arrived very well with us in the family and we like to play them again and again.

An easy entry, a positive feeling, no problem with different age groups of the players and not too long playing time are characteristic here.

I would of course be interested in your opinion of these family games.

My top 10 family board games

10. Festival of Lights

In position 10, the game lights festival ranks in my top 10 .

It is a game of play in which one tries to lay the lighted emperor channel in ancient China in such a way that one profits from it, but without the opponents of it much have.

Simple rules and a manageable playing time ensure that this family game is always on the table. There is also no downtime as everyone keeps watching what they get.

9. New York 1901


New York at the turn of the century takes us away from this family game.

We build skyscrapers in New York in 1901 by collecting cards and placing tiles on the game board.

The rules are catchy and the game material is beautifully designed. The game is a bit reminiscent of Tretris, but we definitely enjoy it.

8. Agricola family game


The classic Agricola is intended more for frequent players. That’s why Lookout has the Agricola family game .

In this case, the own farmyard is being built up as a family by worker placement, animals have been bought, food has been harvested and, of course, the inhabitants must also be provided with food.

Gradually, the possibilities increase in the game, which allows easy access.

7. barenpark

barenpark board game

barenpark board game appeared last year at the GAME in Essen and spoke to us immediately.

The Tetris style is about building your own park with different bears. Playgrounds, dining and more are also included.

It is important to collect enclosures that bring many points and also unlock bonuses. For variety and a little more challenge provides an additional module.

6. Zooloretto


In Zooloretto , the game of the year 2007, we build up our own zoo, and must try to distribute the animals optimally on our enclosures.

But we can also expand the zoo, but still have to be careful not to have too many animals. The player with the most visitor points wins the game.

Zooloretto was one of the first games in our collection and it is still being played.

5. Majesty: for the realm


In Majesty is a game where you put residents in the building of their own kingdom and scores.

The game makes a simple impression at first glance, but still has a certain complexity due to different scoring combinations.

You constantly collect points during the game, but you must also pay attention to the endgame scores, which can still cause a lot of confusion.

4. Concept

CONCEPT board game

A perennial favorite in our family is Concept .

In this board game, it is about a combination of clues, of which there is a lot on the game board to explain terms.

You can score points, but we usually play it without scoring points and just enjoy guessing.

3. Azul


At number 3 of my top 10 family board games is Azul , which also appeared in Essen just a few years ago and was out of print for a long time.

Although the abstract game has a thematic background, but that is not important. The laying game convinces with a great look, very elegant and simple rules and a lot of game depth.

If possible, place the valuable stones in such a way that you score many points. But beware, those who collect too many will get minus points. You can also annoy the teammates, but the game does not last very long and then you want to play again.

2. ticket to ride Europe

ticket to ride Europe board game

In ticket to ride Europe board game (and also the other “train to train” editions) it is a route network on a map to build.

Players draw different colored wagon cards, trying to create sets that they can then use to build routes on the map. Depending on the route length, there are points.

In addition, you have to fulfill orders to get extra points, because if you do not make it, you get minus points. Of course, you also get into the game with the other players.

1.Cottage Garden

cottage garden board game

We love patchwork , but the game is only for 2 people. That’s why Cottage Garden often comes to the family game table lately .

The basic principle is the same. We try to cover a tableau with Tetris-type tiles, because then we can score. Here are flower tiles that need to be on a bed. But it is necessary to release flower pots and plant bells, as they bring points.

The selection of the tiles is here also solved interesting and small cats make any game better anyway.

More great family games

Of course there are more beautiful family games in our collection, which are also recommended and deserve to be in my top 10.

But I would like to know at this point which board games for families you find the best. Which family games can you recommend?

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10 Best Board Games of All Time

10 Best Board Games of All Time

Once again in 2019 a lot of board games and card games have been released.

I’ll take a closer look at best 10 board games from last year in this article and share my opinion.

Top 10 Board Games of all time

On there are tens of thousands of board and card games. Of course you can also search there for various criteria and so I’ve looked at the 10 best rated games from the year 2019.

10. Codenames Pictures

Codenames Pictures

On rank 10 is the successor of the Game of the Year winner 2016. “Codenames: Pictures” has no text, but pictures. Many people celebrate the game and certainly can handle it. Only me does not irritate the game at all. Since I can not do anything with it.

9. Captain Sonar

Captain Sonar

A very special game is in position 9. Captain Sonar is a game that you play in 2 groups against each other. Unfortunately there will not be so many table games. I think it’s quite interesting, but I probably will not pick it up. I just do not think that I would really play it often.

8. Arkham Horror: The card game

Arkham Horror: The card game

The new Living Card Game with Lovecraft theme is already the big hit in the USA. I can hardly wait until it appears . In the first quarter it should be so far . Various extensions or supplementary packs have already been announced.

7. Great Western Trail

Great Western Trail

One of the connoisseur game highlights of the past year is Great Western Trail. Here you drive cattle through the southern states to then load them on trains. I find the topic very interesting and it should also be a very good game. I’m sure I’ll strike.

6. A feast for Odin

A feast for Odin

I really like Tierra del Fuego games, but I’m not so sure about “A feast for Odin“. Some celebrate it, others it is too much jigsaw. Something frightens me. But on the other hand I’m in Viking fever right now. Of course that would fit. Well, we’ll see. If it’s a dry spell, maybe I’ll hit it.

5. Mechs vs. Minions

Mechs vs. Minions

This huge box with great mechs and countless minions was certainly one of the highlights of the year. I have not struck yet, but it will be reprinted and then I’ll make sure. And only to call this price / performance monster my own.

4. Mansions of Madness: Second Edition

Mansions of Madness: Second Edition

Here I am quite astonished. The first version was praised very much, but the effort in building the game and the “Overlord” during the game was probably very big. Now an app takes over the “opponent” and also provides for all kinds of atmosphere. That sounds good. However, I’m not a big fan of board games apps. I’ll certainly not get it for almost 100 euros.

3. Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars

One of the highlights of the 2016 game season. Unfortunately, Terraforming Mars sold out very quickly at the GAME in Essen . At the beginning of the year, I took part in the pre-order campaign and am really looking forward to the game, which should arrive in the course of February. So far, I’ve only heard good things about this Mars settlement game.

2. Scythe

Scythe board game

Scythe is the only game on this list that I already own and have played. Even the first illustrations have totally touched me and I also like the game itself very well. In the course of this year, a new edition will be published. Let’s see if something bigger is changed or not. Anyway, I am enthusiastic and am already fondling the expansion.

1. Star Wars: Rebellion

Star Wars: Rebellion

In the first position is “Star Wars: Rebellion“, which many consider the best Star Wars game ever. It definitely makes a good impression, but I am only partially a fan of two-player games in such big board games. It just looks so big and epic that you really want to play it in a bigger round. But nevertheless it irritates me and on good occasion I might hit it.

My conclusion

2019 was certainly not a bad year for the game. However, in the top 10 are only partial games to my liking. I already own one, 4 more I’ll be sure to grow (see also my wish list ). The others are not for me.

But that’s okay too. Everyone has their taste and it is quite normal that one does not like everything. Especially since there were many more interesting board games in 2019 beyond the top 10.