How To Cheat At Board Games?

How To Cheat At Board Games?

How important is winning at board games? Are you ready to cheat to be the first to finish?

Actually, I always assume that the others also play fair and do not cheat, and yet you hear about it again and again. That’s why I want to write about cheating on board games today and think about why people actually cheat and how it happens.

In addition, I describe of course my opinion and my experiences and would be glad if you do the same in the comments.

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How To Cheat At Board Games?

Again and again you hear about being cheated to win. This is often the case in many sports, for example, when doping sinners come to light.

But even in board games that does not seem to be a rarity. that was cheated in the Bridge World Cup and one reads the case of a Scrabble expert, who is said to have cheated too.

And also in board game circles there are always examples where players cheat more or less strongly. But why is that so? After all, it is a hobby, which is mainly for fun.

Win at any price ?!

There are just people for whom winning is the be- all and end all. You can fix that in the different board game types that I described in my article.

There are, according to some scientific models such as the Achiever and killer, which is primarily about winning. There is nothing wrong with that at first, but some people really only have fun when they win. And then maybe that person is more prone to cheating to reach their destination.

Therefore, one teaches his children early on to be able to lose. Those who have not learned this and are not well with defeats, probably more likely to fraud.

In contrast, the Explorer and Socializer player types are more interested in playing the game and enjoying the time. They are more about the fun of playing, less about winning, even if you still play it anyway.

I can well imagine that such types of players simply have less or no urge to cheat, since victory is not so important to them.

Tempt board games tempt you to cheat?

Of course it depends on the board game. Some board games tempt you to cheat than others.

For example, it is more difficult to cheat when all information is exposed and each player knows all the information from the others. This also makes it easier to check if everything is working correctly.

In contrast, board games with secret information are more susceptible to fraud. With Roll for the Galaxy, we roll the dice behind our screen and nothing talks against turning the dice the way we want it. Other games bring a covert card hand or the like and are therefore also manipulable to some extent.

Often it is rather trifles that are cheated. Dice are misinformed, one more resource taken, no money spent on an action, or looked at the cards. Also, catching up on an action that you have forgotten is not really allowed. All of these things can be taken care of by mistake, but some people are aware of that and that’s cheating.

But does that end up with something? You win the game, but you know that you only made it through fraud. Can that make you happy? Many a lot, but luckily most of them are honest.

By the way, there are some games that live on cheating. Mogel Moth, for example, or Deduction games, where cheating / deceit is part of the game. If you really want to cheat, you should play such games.

Why I would never cheat

I have been playing board games for many years now and one of the main reasons for that was that I was looking for a counterbalance to the strenuous work. In board games, I found something that is fun without a computer and I can also spend the evening with other nice people.

The fun of the game is the most important to me. Of course I want to win, otherwise I would not need to play, but in the end I really do not care. Main thing, I had fun during the game. That’s why cheating is not an issue for me. It may be that I have unconsciously played something wrong, which then has become my advantage, but I deliberately do not cheat. A victory would not make me any friends, if I had obtained this by fraud.

Luckily, I have not had any experience with a cheater at the game table myself. I think I would not want to play with this person anymore because somehow you would not be able to get rid of the suspicion. Also, our hobby settings would not be compatible with board games and generally with life. Whoever cheats in order to win board games, probably does not take it so seriously in other areas of life with the honesty.

Cheating to win?

How do you see this topic? Is it a problem at all or is it so rare that it is not worth mentioning?

Have you ever had experience with cheating on the gaming table? Or do you yourself belong to those who cheat now and then?

I am looking forward to your feedback and your opinion.

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