The 10 Best Family Board Games

The 10 Best Family Board Games

I remember when I played board games with my parents when I was a kid. Today I play family games regularly with my family.

Below I list my top 10 best family board games . These games are always on the table and are part of every board game collection.

Among others, family games such as Festival of Lights , Ticket to Ride: Europe and the family game version of Agricola are featured.

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The best family games

Of course, this top list is just as subjective as the other lists here in the blog. The following board games arrived very well with us in the family and we like to play them again and again.

An easy entry, a positive feeling, no problem with different age groups of the players and not too long playing time are characteristic here.

I would of course be interested in your opinion of these family games.

My top 10 family board games

10. Festival of Lights

In position 10, the game lights festival ranks in my top 10 .

It is a game of play in which one tries to lay the lighted emperor channel in ancient China in such a way that one profits from it, but without the opponents of it much have.

Simple rules and a manageable playing time ensure that this family game is always on the table. There is also no downtime as everyone keeps watching what they get.

9. New York 1901


New York at the turn of the century takes us away from this family game.

We build skyscrapers in New York in 1901 by collecting cards and placing tiles on the game board.

The rules are catchy and the game material is beautifully designed. The game is a bit reminiscent of Tretris, but we definitely enjoy it.

8. Agricola family game


The classic Agricola is intended more for frequent players. That’s why Lookout has the Agricola family game .

In this case, the own farmyard is being built up as a family by worker placement, animals have been bought, food has been harvested and, of course, the inhabitants must also be provided with food.

Gradually, the possibilities increase in the game, which allows easy access.

7. barenpark

barenpark board game

barenpark board game appeared last year at the GAME in Essen and spoke to us immediately.

The Tetris style is about building your own park with different bears. Playgrounds, dining and more are also included.

It is important to collect enclosures that bring many points and also unlock bonuses. For variety and a little more challenge provides an additional module.

6. Zooloretto


In Zooloretto , the game of the year 2007, we build up our own zoo, and must try to distribute the animals optimally on our enclosures.

But we can also expand the zoo, but still have to be careful not to have too many animals. The player with the most visitor points wins the game.

Zooloretto was one of the first games in our collection and it is still being played.

5. Majesty: for the realm


In Majesty is a game where you put residents in the building of their own kingdom and scores.

The game makes a simple impression at first glance, but still has a certain complexity due to different scoring combinations.

You constantly collect points during the game, but you must also pay attention to the endgame scores, which can still cause a lot of confusion.

4. Concept

CONCEPT board game

A perennial favorite in our family is Concept .

In this board game, it is about a combination of clues, of which there is a lot on the game board to explain terms.

You can score points, but we usually play it without scoring points and just enjoy guessing.

3. Azul


At number 3 of my top 10 family board games is Azul , which also appeared in Essen just a few years ago and was out of print for a long time.

Although the abstract game has a thematic background, but that is not important. The laying game convinces with a great look, very elegant and simple rules and a lot of game depth.

If possible, place the valuable stones in such a way that you score many points. But beware, those who collect too many will get minus points. You can also annoy the teammates, but the game does not last very long and then you want to play again.

2. ticket to ride Europe

ticket to ride Europe board game

In ticket to ride Europe board game (and also the other “train to train” editions) it is a route network on a map to build.

Players draw different colored wagon cards, trying to create sets that they can then use to build routes on the map. Depending on the route length, there are points.

In addition, you have to fulfill orders to get extra points, because if you do not make it, you get minus points. Of course, you also get into the game with the other players.

1.Cottage Garden

cottage garden board game

We love patchwork , but the game is only for 2 people. That’s why Cottage Garden often comes to the family game table lately .

The basic principle is the same. We try to cover a tableau with Tetris-type tiles, because then we can score. Here are flower tiles that need to be on a bed. But it is necessary to release flower pots and plant bells, as they bring points.

The selection of the tiles is here also solved interesting and small cats make any game better anyway.

More great family games

Of course there are more beautiful family games in our collection, which are also recommended and deserve to be in my top 10.

But I would like to know at this point which board games for families you find the best. Which family games can you recommend?

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