The 10 best travel games

The 10 best travel games

Currently not only holidays for most students, but it is still holiday time. Many families and friends travel, but do not want to go without the game on the way.

That’s why I present below my 10 best travel games. Including small board games, but also card games.

What is most important to me in travel games?

Before I get to my top list, I would like to go into what I want to do, because basically you could take any game with you on vacation. However, there are usually some restrictions, such as the space in the suitcase , especially if you are traveling by plane. But even when driving in the car, the available space is certainly one of the main criteria.

But also locally on vacation, the space is usually limited. A large gaming table, as in the living room, most do not have in the hotel or the pension. Of course, that also has an influence on the selection of board games and card games that you can take with you.

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In addition, you do not want to play the whole day on vacation, no matter whether you drive in the sunny south or in snow-white mountains. Instead, it’s more about bringing the evening to a close with a game or spend the lunch time meaningful. Big strategy cracker with 3 or 4 hours playing time are also not ideal here.

As a rule, the space and the available time are the main criteria for choosing the right travel games.

An exception is the board game holiday, where you are traveling with family and / or the playgroup to play above all else. Since you have certainly chosen the right accommodation, you can take your favorite games and play there.

The 10 best travel games while traveling

Under these restrictions, we also “suffer” from the selection of board games and card games that we take on vacation. Nothing is terraforming Mars or train by train . Instead, we have a selection of smaller games that are relatively easy to play, do not take up much space, and do not take that much time.

10. Roll for it!

Roll for it

A space-saving game is definitely Roll for it! , There is only one English version, but it is language independent. It’s about getting matching dice results to get cards.

The game is played fast and always fun, so just the right travel game for the holiday.

9. Splendor

Splendor board game

Splendor of the Space Cowboys is a simple, but almost addictive game where you buy “gems” cards that then provide you with permanent gem resources.

Very simple rules and yet always a challenge, just three or four. And I think the gemstone chips just great. In addition to the 2017 SPIEL an expansion for it appear. I’m looking forward to that.

8. Qwixx


Another dice game. Qwixx is one of the most successful representatives of the genre. This is about ticking as many numbers in four colored rows, but again and again you have to make hard decisions if the dice are not as desired.

Is suitable due to the almost non-existent space requirements ideal for traveling. We only played it again on the train and the tables are not really big.

7. Medici – The Card Game


With Medici – The Card Game is also a Kickstarter among my travel tips. It is a set collection game, but has interesting strategies.

It is the English version, but the cards are completely textless. I am happy to have baked it and sure it will be available in the future also commercially in the perspective.

6. King of Tokyo

Finally a real board game! King of Tokyo has a game board, but a very small one, and the dice usually end up in the cover of the game anyway.

As a result, it takes up little space and is also ideal for the holidays, especially since my little daughter finds the game great.

5. Again!

Roll and Write games are very popular, which is certainly because they do not take up much space, are easy to explain and play fast.

Once again! belongs to this category, but has some interesting features and can be played by 1 to 6 players. We roll the dice and have to tick certain color areas and columns completely. Perfect for traveling.

4. Kingdomino


The package of Kingdomino is not really big, but you need quite a bit of space on the table for this tile laying game.

Especially when 4 players join or you use the big two-player variant, it is still somewhat space-demanding. Nevertheless, we will take this game on our next vacation as it is easy, fast and challenging.

3. Honshu


Honshu has surprised us the most recently. In a combination of sting game and placement game we build cities in feudal Japan.

A few additional interesting resource mechanisms make this little game really worthwhile.

2. For Sale

for sale board game

Relatively new to my collection is For Sale . On the one hand, this is about buying real estate and then selling it as profitably as possible.

The illustrations are very beautiful, the rules light and yet tricky. In addition, the game does not need much space and is played in less than 30 minutes. That’s how travel games have to be. The classic from 1997 has recently been released in German.

1. Patchwork


Patchwork is already one of the best two-player games out there. It is a simple principle, but also quickly understood and played.

We try to sew patches on our blanket and leave as many vacancies as possible, because there are minus points. The display of the patches needs some space, but otherwise it is a great game for 2, where children have a lot of fun.

What are your favorite travel games?

I would appreciate your travel recommendations. Which card or board games do you take with you on vacation?

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