Top 10 solo board games

Top 10 solo board games

Although I have 2 weekly players and also in the family we play board games regularly, but still there is not always a teammate. That’s why I started playing solo board games quite a while ago.

Meanwhile, there are so many good solo variations or even pure solo games that this is no longer a stopgap for me, but an important part of my hobby.

Playing solo is now also normal, interesting and entertaining for many board players. That’s why in this article I introduce current top 10 solo board games.

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I look forward to your feedback.

Playing alone is fun!

Solo board games have become increasingly popular in recent years. Many board game Kickstarter are now already considered with criticism, if it is not provided in a solo variant. But also normal retail games of major publishers now bring more and more solo variants with.

The solo mode is sometimes better and sometimes worse implemented. You can already tell if it’s just a stopgap solution that was added at short notice, or if someone has really thought about it.

My top 10 list includes my favorite solo board games. These are above all multi-person games, which possess a very good solo variant. Of course, cooperative board games are also ideal for playing them alone, but there will surely be a top list for that.

top 10 solo board games

And now to my top 10. I would be very happy about your feedback.

1. Viticulture Essential Edition

Viticulture Essential Edition

The content is about wine. You run your own winery and you have to expand it, planting wines, harvesting and, of course, making wine.

The Essential Edition also includes some interesting add-on modules and although you can play the game with up to 6 players, the solo version is also a lot of fun for me.

There are several reasons. So there is a nice campaign in solo mode, which offers a lot of variety. Different levels of difficulty also increase the replay ability.

In addition, little effort is needed to play solo. The automa cards for the “virtual” opponent are kept very simple, unlike eg Gaia Project . In addition, one does exactly the same thing as in the multi-person game, which I think is also very good. I do not like solos that work much different than the normal game.

Last but not least, I like the theme and features of the Viticulture Essential Edition , so I like to play it solo. My number 1 currently.

All the more I am pleased that for September and December 2018, the complete extension Tuscany Essential Edition and the new extension visit from the Rheingau are announced.

2. Nemo’s War: 2nd Edition

Nemo's War: 2nd Edition

2nd place in my Top 10 is currently ranked Nemo’s War: 2nd Edition of Victory Point Games . Apart from the fact that the equipment of the game is great, I personally like the story-driven approach.

It’s basically a solo board game that has a multiplayer mode set up. This is rather rare and so it makes me solo a lot more fun.

We are navigating the oceans with the Nautilus and have to achieve variable goals. That makes the individual games very different. In addition, we experience different events and meet different opponents. This ensures that the games are unique.

Every game creates a great story, I think. That’s a big attraction of the game. In addition, the rules are quickly internalized, so that it then plays very smoothly with the exemplary rule aids on the game board.

A sumptuous game that recently featured a mini-expansion on Kickstarter . I’m definitely looking forward to diving again.

3. Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars

Mars is to be colonized in Terraforming Mars .

To do this, players need to develop technology and increase the oxygen content of the air, increase temperature, and provide enough water on Mars.

Terraforming Mars brings a nice board, but basically it’s a card game. We draw cards and try to pay the necessary costs and if necessary meet the requirements. But then we benefit from it.

In this way, the surface of Mars develops, creating cities and forests.

A great game, which is very thematic and hits a nerve with me. Space and Co. I like in general very much and there the game fits perfectly pure.

Solo mode is challenging and challenging. I enjoy it a lot.

4. Nusfjord


Nusfjord is certainly not a revolution in board games. Uwe Rosenberg brings together many well-known mechanisms here.

Nevertheless, the overall product looks very round and it is one of my highlights of last year.

In Nusfjord we run a fishing company in Norway and we try to increase our catch quantity, build buildings and earn money.

The worker placement mechanism is particularly demanding here, as you have relatively few rounds and since only 3 workers can use. But through buildings and elders you can sometimes use multiple actions.

In the solo game, almost nothing changes the rules. I find it very elegant that you yourself are your own opponent. Fields used in the previous round are blocked this round.

All in all, the game was a bit under the radar, but I think it’s really good on a solo as well.

5. Imperial Settlers

Imperial Settlers

Imperial Settlers is one of my favorite games. Not for nothing do I have it in my top 5 ‘2 person games’ .

But even alone, the game makes a very good figure. You play here against a virtual opponent who can be very nasty.

You have to build buildings in this game, which bring a revenue, with the help of which you can build again. The enemy can destroy their own buildings.

The different peoples are quite varied and the solo mode works very well and fluently. That’s why it’s number 5 in my list here.

6. Le Havre

Le Havre

Also in Le Havre it comes to build buildings. But they are only means to an end.

Although they bring victory points, but above all, it is about producing goods and further refine. The more you bring to the ship when loading.

I really like the game board itself and the round mechanics. Due to the very many buildings and their variable display you have a lot of variety while playing.

In solo mode, Le Havre runs very round, because you only have to know relatively few rule changes here. A classic of the board game world and definitely worth a look for solo players.

7. Firefly: The Game

Firefly: The Game

Firefly: The Game lives up to the story based on the cult series .

We travel in space and fly from star system to star system. There we can take orders and do them, but also expand the crew and upgrade the ship.

Special events, contraband, scarce fuel, patrols, Reaver attacks and so on make the game exciting. In addition, comes through the many characters and other things from the series a great Firefly feeling.

Of course, Solo is less active on the game board, but that does not spoil the gameplay. I always like to break open with my spaceship and experience adventures.

The extensions are unfortunately not all. The previous ones expand the game but very well.

8. The Lost Expedition

The Lost Expedition

In The Lost Expedition we are looking for El Dorado, the golden city.

In the footsteps of the well-known, but lost adventurer Percy Fawcett we push into the jungle and have to face dangers again and again. These are mastered with special skills and skill.

Still, many decisions are more likely to be bad or worse. But that also makes the appeal of the game, as you can feel the great challenge in the jungle very well.

You also have to praise the design, which is really great. Here comes up with more adventurous feeling.

For solo players, The Lost Expedition is definitely worth a look.

9. Tiny dungeon

Tiny dungeon

Going down alone in a dungeon can be very entertaining. Tiny dungeon proves that impressively.

In various roles (Mage, Warrior, Rogue …) we fight through different levels and have to win against monsters. At the same time, we need to be better equipped to have more cubes available.

These are used in certain samples and therefore it is important that you specialize. Nevertheless, the chance factor is quite high, but that is also part of the constantly different challenge.

It depends, among other things on the speed, in which one goes through the dungeon. Not too much drifting skirmish, but also enough gear to give you a chance at all.

I have only played it solo so far and I like it very much. But for two, it can be interesting in any case.

10. At the gates of Loyang


My top 10 solo board game completes a not so well-known game.

In front of the gates of Loyang, we operate as a farmer and must bring plants to fields. In the following rounds we then harvest and the products are for sale to customers. However, these have certain requirements that we have to meet.

This brings points that bring us further and further along the way. The ascent mechanism is very interesting as it keeps getting more and more expensive to keep going.

The solo mode works very well and the game is pleasantly challenging and yet quite easy to understand. I met quite late at the gates of Loyang and especially the game makes it a lot of fun.

There are many more good solo board games

As you can see, there is no pure solo board game in my Top 10 list, but Nemo’s War is actually a solo board game in itself. Although there are already a few solo games more than before, but mostly there are multi-person games that have a solo mode integrated.

Be it an automa deck or clever mechanisms, many games offer great solo variations, but of course not all.

In addition to the 10 games mentioned, there are of course many more games that work very well on their own. For example, the pure solo board game Friday , which could fascinate me but not so long.

Gaia Project builds on the strengths of its predecessor Terra Mystica, but brings a slightly more elaborate Automa deck.

Arkham Horror: The card game is just like his predecessor in the spirit The Lord of the Rings – The card game to play solo. I also really liked both basic boxes, but I just want to play a lot of other games, so I’m not prepared to spend money every month for a small or big expansion.

Scythe also has an automa, but I have not played that much yet. Otherwise the game might have made it into my top 10. But what is not, can still become. The same applies to Mage Knight , which is praised by many especially for the solo game. It’s also a great game, but I have not been able to play that alone so often. I’m waiting for autumn and winter to catch up.

Last but not least a special recommendation. Marquis is a print and play game with relatively few components. The design is great and I really like the game as a solo experience.


Playing board games alone is now commonplace and more and more games have great solo modes. I am constantly learning new things, so that my Top 10 will surely get an update. So I’m just a bit more in the field of war games, which has always been synonymous to many solo games or variants.

Which solo board games can you recommend and why?

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